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In a future world of conspiracy, manipulation, and tyranny Karen Cove’s science fiction trilogy asks whether hope for humanity is attainable or an illusion. Whether individual choices can change history for the better or if society is destined to devolve into domination and oppression and confronts the age-old battle between love and hate. Androids, quantum physics and a heroine who takes on seemingly insurmountable challenges are woven together using relevant scientific data, compelling action, and highly relatable characters to craft a novel you simply can’t put down. In the end, readers draw their own conclusions on the fate of humanity.

The much anticipated third installment in the Return Policy Trilogy written by Cove concludes the science fiction book series and is available worldwide. Book l, Return Policy: The Unfolding, and Book ll, Return Policy: Lost and Found, published in 2015, are now complete with the addition of Book lll, Return Policy: Providence, which was recently published in 2021.

“It is a privilege to share the creation of Naddie Mae Baines with so many readers. Her story, beginning in 2096, resided in my imagination for decades and finally has been given a voice. In many ways, Naddie reflects the lost, questioning person in all of us; a person searching for a sense of belonging, unconditional love, and the security of family. As I wrote each novel, the cast of friends and androids who accompanied Naddie on her journey became my friends; the story and characters coming to life on the page and in my heart. I laughed, cried, and struggled through injustice with each one and was reminded again of the need to always press forward no matter the odds.” Karen Cove


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