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Mini The Kitty


'Mini the Kitty' is a delightful children's book for young and old alike. It's bright and engaging illustrations will bring smiles to the faces of all those who open its pages. And, there is an accompanying 'Mini the Kitty' downloadable song for those young readers who want to sing-along. A 'must have' for anyone who loves their special kitty.

Poppet Finds A Home


'Poppet Finds a Home' is an educational, creative and lively children's story for anyone who is a dog or animal lover. It recounts the journey of Poppet, the adorable black and white dog, from being unwanted and abandoned to finding a loving home. It describes how Poppet and her brothers and sisters were discovered by a little girl and taken to a humane association. There, the puppies were nurtured back to health and were all adopted by caring families. Poppet begins her new life with the Wilson's, a couple searching for the perfect pet to become a member of their family 'Poppet Finds a Home' is a wonderful read aloud book for children of all ages and has bright, engaging illustrations on every page that convey the story. It overflows with many useful opportunities for discussion on how to be a responsible pet owner and creates awareness for the purpose and mission of humane associations and animal shelters.

Poppet Goes To The Vet


Poppet goes to the veterinarian for the first time and experiences many new and different things. The story is told in a delightful and engaging manner, with bright and colorful illustrations on every page. Children will be enchanted by Poppet's antics and her charming personality. Poppet experiences her first medical examination, vaccinations and a minor surgery. It conveys the concept of responsible dog ownership by helping children understand the importance of keeping a pet healthy with regular visits to the veterinarian.  Children can relate to the many correlations between Poppet's visit with a veterinarian and their visit with a pediatrician. Poppet's feelings and observations are an open door for children to share their feelings and possible fears. 

Poppet Goes To School


Poppet experiences many of the same feelings and emotions surrounding going to school that young children face today. Afraid and unsure, she follows Mrs. Wilson and begins attending classes at the 'Keep 'M Thinking Dog Academy'. Once there Poppet discovers that school is fun and exciting. She meets new friends and enjoys learning puppy manners under the gentle guidance of her teacher, Nita. While attending school, Poppet makes two new friends that she becomes very close to. Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one could predict, Poppet has to say goodbye to her friends. They move to different towns and begin new chapters in their lives, leaving Poppet behind. Poppet discovers that, even though it is sad when friends move away, there are new friends to be made and more new adventures to experience. A delightful surprise is in store for Poppet in this book, one that takes her back to the country town where she was born and rekindles old family ties. 

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