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Karen Cove is a lifetime resident of Wisconsin who resides in a small village on the shores of Lake Winnebago. She is a daughter, sister, wife and mother who loves to encourage the people in her life, as well as those she meets every day.  

Karen is a creative thinker who grew up in a household surrounded by music, singing, storytelling, drawing and innovative play throughout her childhood.   Those passions were carried into adulthood and shared with her own children, who have grown to be similarly creative. After returning to college to earn an education degree at age 32, she graduated four years later with honors and spent many fulfilling years in the classroom. There, her highest reward came from encouraging reluctant students to get past their fears and become excited readers and writers.   During that time she also amassed many master's degree credits in the area of language arts and the writing process.  


Presently, Karen enjoys her days with her husband, two dogs and a cat, and spends as much time as possible outdoors despite the cold Wisconsin winters.  She composes music, plays her guitar and loves to sing.  Her love for the beauty of nature and wildlife has recently prompted her to begin drawing and painting once again, with the goal of producing note cards of her original art.  Her love for storytelling and words continues to prompt more writing projects, with a third book in the 'Return Policy' book series on the horizon.  


Karen's body of work contains the popular 'Mini the Kitty' sing-a-long children's book and the ‘Poppet the Dog’ children’s book series.  She has also composed and performed a CD of original children’s songs entitled ‘One of a Kind’.   Her first novel, a fictionalized biography entitled ‘Little Lamb: A Journey of Redemption’, represents an honest look at childhood secrets, the chains of abuse and the joy of restoration, and has given others the courage to acknowledge their own painful pasts with hope.  Her second book, a science fiction novel entitled, 'Return Policy: the Unfolding', chronicles the life of young Naddie Mae Baines in the year 2096 as she struggles through rejection, loss and a treacherous escape to freedom.  Its sequel, 'Return Policy: Lost and Found', continues Naddie Mae's adventures in 2098.  In it, she learns the true meaning of family and the harsh realities of living in a free world, as well discovering ground-breaking quantum technology that could change history.  On her journey toward adulthood, she struggles with confounding emotions and devastating loss that ultimately lead her to the brink of a hopeful  future.  


Karen continues to enjoy drawing and painting, taking long walks in the woods with her dogs, writing, and singing whenever possible.  

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