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Teaching Again?

This evening, I'll be teaching the first of three writing seminars at a local public library. It's been a long time since I've provided any kind of instruction to a room full of people looking to me for direction and inspiration; ten years to be exact. Earlier in the week I had moments of anxiousness and wondered if I had lost the spark of teaching, of grabbing people's attention and pulling them in? I wondered if I could still relay information in ways to make the lights go on for someone who has been struggling? I guess only time will tell. However, if I were completely honest, hidden underneath the worrisome concerns is an excitement to share my enthusiasm for writing with those attending. There is a genuine desire to ignite a passion for the written word within the participants. I remember many students in my language arts classroom who were riddled with self-doubt, convinced they could never write anything worthwhile. They simply needed the confidence to begin. Once that confidence was discovered and took root, they soared, writing poetry and short stories that were insightful and bold. If that is accomplished tonight; if I can encourage a story hidden deep inside someone's heart to find its voice, I know the seminars will be a grand success.

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