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Return Policy: Providence

Book III

Released March 2021

Naddie Mae’s journey continues in 2099 as she, and her friends from Industra, embark on the dangerous and unpredictable quest to liberate society from the domination of the Chancellor. Working alongside a cast of devoted friends and androids, she partakes in a dangerous plot to rid the world of his oppressive reign and free the people in the Villa and Industra complexes scattered across the land. Along the way she encounters true love, devastating heartbreak, and a face-to-face confrontation that changes the course of history. Only after suffering crippling losses, unimaginable reunions, and all-consuming rage, does Naddie uncover the last piece in the puzzle of her identity. Though it finally puts the ghosts of the past to rest, she learns there is still more to understand, more to be learned, and more to be experienced before her life is complete.

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