Return Policy: Lost and Found is the second book in the Return Policy book series, and continues Naddie Mae’s journey in the year 2098.  After escaping from Industra with Daniel and four other friends, she finds a new home in Sagesse; a small community of free people who escaped the Great Cyber War and Transformation of 2045.  There she is reunited with family, and tastes a seemingly perfect life of freedom that is both satisfying and liberating.  But, the Chancellor’s quest to capture the escapees and return them to Industra, and gain possession of Daniel’s groundbreaking quantum computer program, sets off a chain of events that shatter life in Sagesse.  Displaced and confused, its residents set out to resettle in the wilderness, only to have the worst possible disaster befall them.

Sensing her life’s mission is not yet complete, Naddie sets out to explore the wild and uncharted territories of the pre-Transformation world with a handful of survivors, her horse, a devoted dog, and a heart full of hope for the future.


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