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Karen Cove's novels are written with a poetic accent that pulls readers into tales spun with imagination and intrigue. They are engaging and easy to read by teenagers, young adults and the young at heart. Her books are ideal for personal enjoyment as well as the classroom.  Karen, a seasoned language arts teacher, has incorporated many elements of The Writing Process and Six Trait Writing within her novels.

Return Policy - The Unfolding
Book One


Living under the disappointment of failed expectations from her father, and a mother hiding a terrible secret, Naddie Mae Baines’ seemingly perfect life in 2096 was shattered after being returned to Industra. Abandoned and alone in a strange and cruel world of misfit children rejected by their parents, she fights her way through loneliness, rage, and sorrow, to embark on a perilous journey of exploration and freedom. Along with a handful of other returned children fearing elimination, Naddie risks everything to escape the chains of Industra’s mega-supply matrix and finds a life of meaning and purpose. With the help of a diary, a feather, and a photograph, she discovers her true identity and a lasting legacy.


Return Policy is currently unavailable. It is being prepared

for re-issue by Silver Thread Publishing

Return Policy - Lost and Found
Book Two


Return Policy: Lost and Found is the second book in the Return Policy book series, and continues Naddie Mae’s journey in the year 2098.  After escaping from Industra with Daniel and four other friends, she finds a new home in Sagesse; a small community of people who escaped the Great Cyber War and Transformation of 2045.  There she is reunited with family and tastes a seemingly perfect life of freedom that is both satisfying and liberating.  But, the Chancellor’s quest to capture the escapees and return them to Industra, and gain possession of Daniel’s groundbreaking quantum computer program, sets off a chain of events that shatter life in Sagesse.  Displaced and confused, its residents set out to resettle in the wilderness, only to have the worst possible disaster befall them.  Sensing her life’s mission is not yet complete, Naddie sets out to explore the wild and uncharted territories of the pre-Transformation world with a handful of survivors, her horse, a devoted dog, and a heart full of hope for the future.

Return Policy is currently unavailable.  It is being prepared

for re-issue by Silver Thread Publishing

Little Lamb - A Journey of Redemption


Anna Jennings was born in 1955 and raised in America’s heartland under the facade of a seemingly perfect life. But secret abuse, neglect and abandonment left her mortally wounded and desperately alone. As she journeyed toward adulthood, Anna experienced grief, pain and heartache, but also relished seasons of laughter, peace and tranquility. After decades of carrying shameful secrets, her wounded heart experienced tremendous healing and restoration in ways so profound, even she was astounded.  Anna learned where to anchor her soul. ‘Little Lamb; A Journey of Redemption’ will traverse the twisted path of her adolescence with honesty, bringing her sexual abuse and its shameful hold over her heart to life. ‘Little Lamb’ is Anna’s truth spoken in words of humility and grace about a life lived, restored, and redeemed.

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